How does it work?

LB is a market place for connecting lenders and borrowers – established to benefit both the lenders and borrowers. All the lenders are required to complete their diligence before investing in borrowers

The P2P lending is quite different from the traditional lending institutes. Individual borrowers approach individual lenders for loans. Based on the information available via portal, lenders determine which borrower to lend to.

The P2P lending is done to earn higher returns on investment

The P2P lending does not require prior relationship or interaction between the peers (borrowers and lenders)

The P2P lending transactions take place online

In the P2P lending, lenders have a choice in selecting a borrower

In the P2P lending, the loans are unsecured

In the P2P lending, loans are not protected by government insurance is a P2P intermediary and provides the following services:

Online platform for borrowers to find lenders

Perform credit checks

Legal compliance and reporting

Verify lender and borrower identity, income, employment

Connect new buyers and lenders

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