Why borrow on loanbaba.com's P2P Platform?

P2P is one of the most successful business models that help in connecting equal participants. These participants are called Peers who form a network to conduct business transactions.

loanbaba.com provides a P2P platform for the peers, lenders and borrowers, to connect and interact. The loanbaba.com P2P portal is the ideal choice for the borrowers because:

You don’t need to pay service charges to intermediaries like banks and NBFCs.

You decide the interest rate by directly interacting with the lender

Borrowers get to choose from different lenders

Since lenders will bid for borrowers, the traditional position of borrowers is replaced with the one wherein they have more choice

Complete transparent process with no hidden charges and fees

Online process with no need for physical visits to the lenders and offices

Fully secure process of lending

Borrowers with low credit score and no credit history can also apply for loans

Borrowers and lenders, mutually, decide the EMI payment date

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