Fees and Charges

LB is a market place for connecting lenders and borrowers – established to benefit both the lenders and borrowers. All the lenders are required to complete their diligence before investing in borrowers

Registration Fee

In the P2P model, the peers are business entities themselves, who interact with other peers directly. At loanbaba.com, the borrowers and the lenders are the peers. In order to connect, they need to register on the loanbaba.com P2P portal.

The registration fee, to be listed on the platform, is Rs. 1000/- for a Borrower, and Rs. 500/- for a Lender. However, currently the registration is FREE.

Origination Fee

The origination fee is a nominal percentage of the amount borrowed by the borrower and the amount lent by the lender. Both peers are required to pay the Origination Fee in the event of successful transaction between each other. Loanbaba.com’s Peer to Peer platform enables Borrowers to find a Lender and vice versa. We facilitate a Loan transaction between the two and hence we charge a fee for the service rendered.
A borrower is required to pay 2% of the amount borrowed.
A lender is required to pay 1% of the amount lent.

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