Peer to Peer |'s Peer to Peer platform is a marketplace for connecting lenders and borrowers – established to benefit both the lenders and borrowers. All the lenders are required to complete their diligence before investing in borrowers

P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, is emerging as a successful business model. It is considered to be the top most service delivery system. With the time-effective and cost reducing features, it is the most preferred model for a number of businesses. It is aimed at enhancing consumer experience by providing more transparency and opportunities for peer support.

This model is well suited to both, borrowers and lenders; lenders, who want to invest their idle money and earn returns upto 30%, what traditional Saving practices can, and borrowers who are looking at cheaper and more effective mediums than the traditional lending institutes. For eg. If you are a recent joinee in a good MNC but you don’t have a credit card or previous history of a Loan, it is highly unlikely of you getting a loan through traditional means. But here at our p2p platform, you might just be the preferred borrower! It is also difficult for individuals with no credit score and no employment background to get a loan. Under such circumstances, these individuals can approach the lenders through the P2P platform. That’s the beauty of our Peer to Peer platform. provides all the peers a platform that is not only safe and secure, but also user-friendly. One of the main features of this P2P portal is the complete transparency it provides. Every profile is open for the peers to assess. Everything is at one place for the convenience of the peers; perfect to aide them in making decisions, formulating plans and conducting business transactions.

Apart from total transparency, allows for the business to be conducted online. The peers need not visit any office physically or fill out extensive forms. All the information required can be filled online, when they register. They also need to upload scanned copies of the necessary documents on the portal. Check our FAQ section to find out the list of documents required.

Additional Features of P2P

P2P is one of the most successful business models that help in connecting equal participants. These participants are called Peers who form a network to conduct business transactions. provides a P2P platform for the peers, lenders and borrowers, to connect and enter into an agreement. The P2P portal is the ideal choice for the lenders and borrowers as:

It reduces the cost of loan application

It is time-efficient

It is completely transparent about the process and the cost involved

We do thorough in background check of each peer

It is Secure

It is user-friendly

It provides credit reports of the peers

It monitors every activity of the peers for a safe experience

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